Comprehensive Passages HSEB/ NEB 2071 Old Questions | English Class 11

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Comprehensive Passages HSEB/ NEB 2071  Old Questions of Compulsory English Class 11

HSEB/ NEB 2071: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [5*2=10]

June 1968 was the 25th anniversary of the climbing of Mount Everest. This great peak in the Himalayan Mountains of Nepal, the highest mountain in the world, had always looked down mockingly on mere man, seeming to stay, “ I challenge you to climb me, poor, weak mortals!” And try they did, but failed to reach the top. There were avalanches , blizzards , extreme cold, and hunger to content with. The mountain reigned supreme ; that is, until June 1953.

Then it happened ! The news flashed around the world that Edmund Hillary and John Hunt led a party to devote climbers ever upwards until the fateful moment when Hillary himself and Nepalese, Tensing Norgay , set foot upon the roof of the world and looked down from the height of 8848 meters.

What celebrations followed to mark the great exploit, Queen Elizabeth II knighted Hunt and Hillary and Tensing received the British Empire Medal.


i. If june 1968 was the 25th anniversary , when was Mount Everest climbed?

ii. Where is the mountain situated?

iii. Why is it called the roof of the world?

iv. What was the challenge that Everest seemed to be saying?

v. Which mean were the first to reach the summit?

HSEB/ NEB 2071: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [5*2=10]

Robert Edwards was blinded in an automobile accident nine years ago. He was also partially deaf because of old age. Last week, he was strolling near his home. When a thunderstorm approached. He took refuge under a tree and was struck by lightning. He was knocked to the ground and woke up some twenty minutes later, lying facing down in water below tree. He went into the house and lay down in bed. A short time later, he awoke; his legs were numb and he was trembling, but, when he opened his eyes, he could see the clock across the room fading in and out in front of him. When his wife entered, he saw her for the first time in nine years. Doctors confirm that he has regained his sight and hearing, apparently from the flash of lightning, but they are unable to explain the occurrence. The only possible explanation offered by one doctor was that since Edward lost his sight as a result of trauma in a terrible accident, perhaps the only way it could be restored was by another trauma.


i. What caused Robert Edward’s blindness?

ii. What was the first thing that Edward saw after being stuck by lightning?

iii. What happened to him at home?

iv. What was he doing when he was struck by lightning?

v. What was the reason given by one doctor that Edward’s regained his sight?

HSEB/ NEB  2071: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [5*2=10]

The great advantage of early rising is that one can start one’s work long before other. The early riser has done a large amount of hard work before other men have got out of bed. In the early morning, the mind is fresh and no sounds or noises disturb our attention. The work done at that time is generally well done . Also one finds time to take some exercise in the fresh morning air. Exercise supplies him with a good deal of energy that enables him to work hard until the evening. By beginning so early , he knows that he has plenty of time to do his work thoroughly. He has not to hurry over any part of his work. He gets to sleep long before midnight. At that time sleeping is refreshing. After a sound night’s rest, he rises early next morning in good health for the labour of a new day.


i. What advantages does an early riser have over others?

ii. What can one feel early in the morning?

iii. Why should one take exercise in the morning and begin one’s work so early?

iv. What are the uses of going to sleep long before midnight?

v. Why does the writer advise us to go to bed early and rise earlier?

HSEB/ NEB 2071: Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [5*2=10]

Nepal is a country with a very high incidence of son preference. Sons are economic insurance against the insecurities of old age. They ritually open the gateway to heaven by performing the death rites for their parents and they carry on the family name and legacy. Daughters, however, are to be given away in marriage, to care of their husband’s property. In the considerations of many parents, daughter’s economic value is restricted to their childhood years and investment in their future, such as education and often health care, are a poor investment. A popular saying in rural areas, “ to get a girl is watering a neighbour’s tree”. Thus, if the girl baby survives until early childhood, she faces neglect. Although they receive the same care and nutrition as boys when infants, older girls often receive the same care and nutrition as boys when infants, older girls often receive less health care and less food, resulting in higher mortality rates than boys, and as adolescents, Nepal’s girl children face early marriage and pregnancy.


i. How do sons open the gateway to heaven?

ii. Why do parents invest less money on their daughters?

iii. What does it mean, “ To get a girl is like watering a neighbour’s tree”

iv. Why are girls’ mortality rates higher than the boys?

v. What problems do adolescents girls face?

HSEB/ NEB Read the following passage and answer the questions given below. [5*2=10]

The Arabs who are not in the cities live in the desert all the year round. They live in the tents that can be put up and taken down very easily and quickly, so that they can move from one oasis to another, seeking grass and water for their sheep, goats, camels, and horses. These deserts Arabs eat ripe, sweet figs, and also the dates that grow up the palm trees. They dry them too, and use them as food all the year round.

These Arabs have the finest horses in the world. An Arabs is very proud of his riding horse, and loves him almost as much as he loves his wife and children. He never puts heavy loads upon his horse and often lets him stay in the tent with his family.

The camel is much more useful to the Arab than his beautiful horse, however, for he is much larger and stronger. One camel carries as much as or more than two horses. The Arab loads the camel with goods and rides him, too, for miles and miles across the desert – just as if he were really the “Ship of the Desert” , which he is often called.


i. What section of Arabs lives in the desert?

ii. Why do these Arabs live in movable tents?

iii. What do they eat?

iv. What animal do they love most?

v. Why is the camel often called the “ Ship of the desert”?

Comprehensive Passages HSEB/ NEB 2071  Old Questions | English Class 11

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